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  • Phil Mathews's corner of the globe
    Phil, one of my most long-lived and dearest of friends is a quiet, wise man of many strengths. His one fault, and possibly his only one, was moving 22 years ago from the confines of Brookline, when we lived a brisk ten minute walk from one another, to a front-runner for ur-suburb of Boston, Milton, Massachusetts. But it seemed to be a move that took, both for the man and the town. Phil is not only an astute observer of the local scene, which, as "Tip" O'Neill knew, is where politics, if not all global phenonmena, begin. He has become a vital part of the way the town he has come to love is run. I can only hope Milton always deserves what it has in him.
  • Bill Ives | KM : Food & Music
    What do knowledge management: theory and practice, and food and music have to do with one another? In the person of my friend Bill Ives, nationally renowned lecturer and consultant on all matters knowledge managerial and blogotherial—everything. During the week, his blog, "Portals & KM" is devoted to matters of interest to professionals and serious amateurs. On the weekend, Bill digs into his favorite subjects: Food and Music, and about which he is equally interesting and yet characteristically modest.
  • identity theory | Birnbaum : The Narrative Thread
    You may think Robert Birnbaum spreads himself too thin. But there's a lot of him to spread. I speak, of course, literarily and culturally: I'll withhold judgment on the intellectual, until he shows a little more serious intent with the copy editing. More of what we love Robert for—never shutting up. This is the other current major repository of the national cultural treasure of his 20+ years worth of conversations with noteworthy authors. James Lipton has nothing on Robert—and Robert is younger, cuter, and available.
  • The Morning News / Birnbaum conversations
    This will pay big dividends. Literati will be enthralled. Izzy will feel even more important (and more significantly will get that frisson he so seldom gets, as when he's accorded respect) because someone paid attention. But most importantly, this will help keep Izzy off my back, and make him continue to owe me big time.


  • Antiquités Nice
    Random photos from travel in France

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